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1GB Data, N500 Airtime, N1000 Cash Giveaway (SEP24) On Till 12:00AM

Oh Yes, just exactly as you read it. You can get Up to 1GB data, N500 airtime and also N1000 cash respectively from us on our promotional Giveaway.


The offer goes on and on for speculated time daily.

Always check our Facebook page to confirm when it’s on for the day and the closing time for the day. So hasten up so you won’t be left out.

And if you miss out today, there is always tomorrow.


  • Firstly, visit our FACEBOOK PAGE (link below)


*Like the page if you haven’t

*Invite 50 friends to Like the page

Screenshot it and then send a message to the page with the screenshot and your bank Details, Network name, and phone number.

  • Secondly, Join our Facebook group if you haven’t, link below.


*Invites 50 friends to the group

Send screen shot to the page inbox

  • Thirdly, Follow us on Instagram @Acenaijablog make 50 friends of yours follow too send lists of their IG handles to the page inbox.

Leggo! You’re good to go. For faster Response, drop a comment here with your Facebook Username and you’ll be attended to hastily.

NB: you must meet one of the requirements for the day, no roll over i.e if you couldn’t complete one of the requirements before the closing time for the day, you will get no win which means you will have to start again on our start time tomorrow.


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