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5 Tips And Methods You Must Follow To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy If You Not Ready

With each passing day, the number of children born out of wedlock increases, more children are abandoned in the markets, gutters and even in the bushes. It is disheartening to see such innocence imposed with suffering.

Why should a mother abandon a child?

The reason is not farfetched, it’s abnormal for a married woman to abandon the fruit of her womb. It’s only a young lady, who has been rejected by both the father of the child and her parents, she finds it difficult to cope alone.

In as much as we oppose sex before marriage and sexual purity, our society is not free of immorality. So I decided to create this to guide as many as possible on how to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

1) The Most trusted way to avoid unwanted pregnancy is abstinence.

Other ways to reduce the chances are as follows

2) The calendar Method

Normally, a woman will ovulate at about the 14 day counting from the first day she started seeing her monthly flow for a woman with a regular 28 day cycle. But because a woman’s cycle can vary from 28-35 days and the tendency of predicting the exact ovulation day for a woman being difficult, you have to avoid sexual intercourse from the 7th day to the 21st day, this is because the sperm can stay alive in the womans body for as long as 5-6 days, and because the exact ovulating day is not easily determined. What this means is that you can have intercourse on other days except 7-21.

3) The withdrawal method

I must warn that this method is very unreliable, and should be practised at your own risk.

4) Condoms

This is another method with greater success ratio, but mind you that it can tear during the process and this brings us to the final method.

5) Emergency Contraceptives (ECP’s)

These drugs should be taken not more than 2 days after unprotected intercourse or after an incidence of torn condom. The Commonest one is postinor2. Mind you that the earlier it’s taken after sex, the more effective it would be. Mind you that these drugs can affect your cycle and as such should not be taken very frequently.


I am in no way advocating for immorality, but I know that I cannot stop you from having your wanton desires so I decided to guide you to prevent giving birth to more rejected children.

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