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BBN20: Big Brother Penalized Nengi After He Caught Her Doing This With Ozo

See what love has made Nengi do. If it’s not for love and attention Nengi wouldn’t take such risk

Nengi got penalized for cheating to make Ozo get the answer correct. Now the girls were with one less point.

Big Brother grouped the housemates according to their genders before the task started tonight.

Nengi was the first to make 2 points as she got her answer correctly.

The process continued until it reached Ozo’s turn. He didn’t know the answer until Nengi gave him a signal subtly.

Unfortunately,she was caught by Big Brother’s big eyes.

However this resulted to Nengi being penalized by Big Brother and one point was reduced from her 2points.

Fortunately,after the game,the girls group still won having the total of 10 points while the boys group made


What girls do for love.

What’s do you think about this?

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