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BBN20: Check Out The Genesis Of The Fight Between Nengi And Kaisha (Who Do You Think Is At Fault? )

This morning, we got an unexpected argument between kaisha and Nengi.

I wasn’t even expecting any fight to happen today, and even if a fight broke out,

I was expecting it to be between Wathoni and Erica, considering the disagreement that happened yesterday. But no worries, I am here to give you the full gist.

The fight was unexpected because, everything seemed to be going on smoothly, everyone performing their duties, and getting ready for the Saturday games ,just before the party.

The fight started in the kitchen, as nengi was boiling water that she wanted to use to take her bathe, but by the time kaisha got there, the

water was not boiling, and as she was trying to do the kettle so the water could boil properly, nengi came, meanwhile she explained to nengi that the water was not

boiling, and she had been trying to fix the kettle since so that nengi’s water could get boiled, that’s when nengi said that it was kaisha that

touched the kettle that made the water stop boiling and that kaisha is stupid for touching the kettle……

That was what led to the fight o, and as a gentleman that prince is, he left the argument zone to seek shelter elsewhere, and then, fight broke

out. Insults were exchanged, and the viewers took to social media, and some pointed out that nengi seemed to have pushed kaisha at a

point, and I guess that’s the reason why biggie said he is going to address the issue, who knows.

Trickytee and neo separated both parties which I don’t think is necessary because they cannot beat each other up, all they can do is

exchange words, it is best if they just said all they had in mind, instead of keeping malice.

And as usual, Ozo went to comfort nengi and told her that she should calm down, and that this whole fight was all Kaisha’s fault.

I really think we should start praying for Ozo just like we did for Laycon, because I don’t know if it is love or attraction that is making him behave like this.


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