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BBN20: “I Don’t Want To Promise You And Disappoint You Later” – Kiddwaya To Erica.

Big brother Naija contestant, Kiddwaya says he doesn’t want to promise Erica and then disappoint her later.

They’re both yet to cement their relationship, but it appears as if Erica, has fallen in love with Kiddwaya. She’s been trying to seek validation from Kiddwaya for some days now, but the billionaire son seems to be afraid to make commitments.

His actions shows he cares for her, but his words says otherwise.

They both had a heart to heart discussion late Wednesday night.

Kiddwaya opened up about what he feels about Erica. He addressed the reasons he’s afraid of commitment. He talked about his family influence on his person. For the first time we saw the emotional side of Kiddwaya.

See details of the conversations below.

Kidd: Even if I’m showing you the other side, you won’t still believe me. You will assume.

Erica; who told you i would assume? Have you shown your emotional side to anyone?

Kidd: yes! My ex, manager and Cuppymusic.

Kidd: You’re like my ex, you guys thinks a lot. You’ve not told me much about you though.

Erica: I’ve told you a lot, almost everything about me. Everyone knows that too.

Kidd: not everyone.

Erica; yes everyone, as I’m telling you now, the world is watching, and it’s okay. I can’t do anything about it, it’s okay.

Kidd; i don’t want to promise you anything and disappoint.

Erica: I understand, i only asked questions to understand better, because everyone thinks you’re cold. Though as a joke, i can say that too.

Kidd: They’re joking but i need to dig deep to bring that side out.

Erica: I am not expecting anything from you though, just asking questions to know better and understand you more.

Kidd: Even if i show you, it will still be assumptions to you.

Erica: Who told you I’ll assume?

Kidd: I’ve said traveling with Brighto to London, because he wants to go there. I’ve said we’re going to London for those who wants to go, then we’re going to Dubai too.

Erica: That’s everyone.

Kidd: I’ve told you, you will get to see the other side of me when we’re outside here.

Erica: Being locked up is enough for me to see anything i want to see.

Kidd: Even if you see, they will still be assumptions. I think you’re amazing and you will do great in whatever you do. I think will have lots of break ups and make ups, but we get back again. Then we realise we are meant to be with each other.

Erica: everything has to do with what you see, our fights and not being together?

Kidd: You’re very emotional, it’s not a bad thing. I asked myself atimes, is she ready for the real me?

Erica: What’s the real you?

Kidd: Nothing much. I feel like I’ve judgemental people around me, they will judge you a lot. Lots of my girls and guys, family well say I’m this and that. I feel like everyone thinks for someone to be with me, the person has to be special and these affects me.

They’ve expectations of who i should be with. My family, guys and girls. You need to have family love in all.

Unless I’m ready to stay on my own, leave family out of this and be more independent. I don’t know what the future holds, i don’t know our fate, you know sometimes, i don’t know what i want.

Erica: You need to have lone time, just think, have some thoughts, and know what you want.

Kidd: I know what i want.

Erica: Then do what is necessary to have what you want.

Kidd: (caressed her). I like holding you.

Erica: i like it when you holds me.


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