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BBN20: If You Like Someone, You Will Always Want To Talk To Them – Laycon Tells Prince.

The relationships in the Big brother house keep facing a storm and the housemates in the house confined in Laycon for an advice.

Prince talks to Laycon about his relationship. He says him and Tolanibaj don’t really talk because she likes being alone.

He prefers texting to talking and the things he likes to talk about are science and animals which he does with Laycon & Trikytee.

Laycon says; “If you like someone, you will always want to talk to them”. He’s baffled that Prince and Tolanibaj started becoming intimate without having these basic discussions.

Prince says he’s trying to make compromises cos he knows he likes her.

Prince mentions that he’s not a PDA (public display of affection) person unlike Tolanibaj who complained that he didn’t like to hug back when she does. He’s changing that and now goes to hug her.

Laycon says for every couple here, they have time to understand each other. Prince says he hasn’t been withholding any information from Tolanibaj.

What do you think about Laycon’s advise?

Is he on the right track?

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