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BBN20: Moment Neo And Vee Exchanged Words Over Chicken (Photos)

Another disagreement that almost blew out of proportion almost

occurred between Neo and Vee this afternoon but for perhaps, the intervention of Nengi.

The issue stemmed out of food tasting between the housemates who are known as couple. Neo claimed he wanted to taste her Vee’s chicken but she is selfish and not wanting to share.

Recall that Last week they fought over okro soup and then choices of semovita and pound last week. This will be the second time, the couple are fighting over food among besides other forms of disagreement in the house.

Neo on his part was upset that Vee does not want to share her food with him, but Ozo explains that the food rations were really small and Neo should not take it that seriously.

Neo says she’s selfish and it’s not about portions explaining that Nengi and Vee didn’t mean it that way.

“Don’t take it too serious. if you want some chicken, just warm some for yourself”, he said.

Neo, however, explained that he just wanted a taste and not that he was really craving or hungry to eat chicken.

He gets quite annoyed wondering why Vee would act that way and how it would be with her outside the house judging by what she did.

Nengi who was present at the scene wonders what kind of funny couple they are and why they are always fighting over food issues.

“All your fights is about food. I’ve never seen this kind of couple who are always fighting over food”, she said.

Neo says he loves sharing food with Vee. But says Vee acts like she does not have food from where she’s coming from.

Is this little quarrels part of the chemistry? What do you think of the couple? Are they funny or real?

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