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BBN20: OMG See What Kiddwaya Did That Made Erica Tears Rolling Uncontrollably. Could This Be The End Of The Relationship??

Big Brother Naija lockdown lovebirds, Erica and her boyfriend Kiddwaya are having another stormy moment in their relationship and it’s really bad.

After a no-hold-barred discussion among housemates Saturday midnight, Erica got angry and emotional with Kiddwaya when she said she felt disrespected and stupid that Kiddwaya couldn’t defend her when Wathoni tried to mock her.

According to Erica, she said during the discussion that she can’t ask a guy she likes out like Nengi claimed as that would make the guy not to value her as she loves to be chased by guy who loves her.

Wathoni reacted by asking Kiddwaya if he chases any girl in the house and Kiddwaya said he doesn’t like chasing girls. This revelation obviously angered Erica that she left the discussion for her luxury room.

When Kiddwaya went to meet her in her room in the luxury room, he was greeted with anger and outburst as Erica made him know that it’s better they remain friends henceforth as Kiddwaya couldn’t have her back in public.

She went further to tell him she felt stupid for having anything to do with him in the first place since it’s obvious Kiddwaya is not man enough to be decisive about what he wants.

After the outburst, Kiddwaya was short of words and Erica went to bed crying like a baby. Kiddwaya went to her pet her.

Kiddwaya and Erica’s relationship is one of the exciting entanglement in the house so far that fans and viewers already coined an acronym #KiddRica that has been trending on Twitter for weeks.

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