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BBN20: Should Erica’s Apologies Be Accepted?? (YES or NO)

Alot happened last night in the Big Brother house. One of the Housemates (ERICA)

was spotted bodyshaming a fellow housemate (LAYCON) and also threatened to kill him outside the house.

Her action didn’t go down well with viewers, fellow housemates including her boyfriend Kiddwaya.

So some hours ago, she gathered the Housemates to apologise for her behavior last night, after Ozo advised her to.

But will this apology be enough to save her from what she fears most? Fear of been Disqualified

I mean threatening to assassinate a fellow housemate outside the house is not something to be swept under the carpet.

Even if Big Brother Naija officials overlooked this, Laycon might take legal action against her after the show.

Besides, her apology is fake. It wasn’t from her heart with the way she started and besides it was Ozo that asked her to apologise.

She didn’t apologize to the individuals she wronged. Waste of time

So guys what do you think?

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