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BBN20: WAWU!!! See What Laycon Did Before Last Night’s Eviction That Got People Talking

One of the most popular housemate, Laycon, seem to be the central of attraction in the most recent game played in the garden before the start of the Eviction Night Show.

Housemates realise how intense the night will be as at least one of them would definitely be out of the house.


With this in mind, Housemates decided to cool off their head when the opportunity presented itself. Big Bother instructed everyone to move to the garden and lock up themselves and await further instructions.

Housemates consider this as a moment they can lite up the atmosphere and do something fun.

It all started when they decided to play a conversation game. The rule of the game is simply simple and clear but it all deal with the ability to generate an expression with the last alphabet in the conversation of the previous person.

When you don’t get the alphabet right, then you’re automatically out of the game. The game was exciting to watch and housemates were indeed catching fun with Laycon tending to be dominating alongside three other housemates.

The final four people in the game happens to be Laycon, Neo, Vee, and Nengi but Laycon outclassed them with his smartness. How did Laycon outsmart them? Laycon actually made sure he used complex words at the end of his statement to generate a kind of confusion for the next person.

Hence, when the person doesn’t know the actual spelling of that final word used, then there is no way he/she would get the right word to start a new expression.

Laycon eliminated Neo by making use of “brah” at the end of his statement, and Neo couldn’t link well with it. He took out Vee by making use of the word “minut” and Vee thought the word ends with alphabet “e”; she got it all wrong too. He adopted that same strategy to win the final game with Nengi as well.

However, fans were quick to react to the brilliance of Laycon as he thought about a perfect way to effortlessly win the contest.

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