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Christianity Almost Turned Me Into An Hypocrite – Rapper Reveals

Super talented fast rising rapper  known by his stage name Shegzi who also happens to be the owner of the record label BEW (Bulala Entertainment World) reveals how Christianity almost turned him to an hypocrite.

According to the rapper, he said while growing up as a christian, although he is no more in the religion and in his words, he is irreligious but spiritual at the moment.


He made an instance on yearly cross over night when every christian go to church to pray and thank God all through the night till the new year, the rapper tagged it as hypocrisy in the sense that smoking and drinking alcohol secretly all because the pastor must not know or appear to the notice of any clergy right before getting to the church or could either be while prayer service going on.

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Secretly doing what he loves doing all because pastor must know  and then appearing like a saint is hypocrisy more or less like fearing man more than God

Hiding his true self behind the facades of the religion not accepting the way of life he loves to live such as using ear ring in normal life but the fact is not acceptable in church is hypocrisy according to him.

He made it clear that ever since he dump the religion, he is free to do anything without giving a fuck what anybody will say or doctrine anybody will preach, he choose not to be an hypocrite anymore rather live the life he loves doing and stop sacrificing everything for the church.

What is your opinion about this? do you also think sacrificing what you love doing because of  church and  still going back to it is hypocrisy??



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