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DON’T MISS OUT!!! SmoovePR Re-imagining, Branding and Empowering people Nation Wide (Read Details)

Coming out with the aim to service all businesses back in 2019, SmoovePR was trying to settle in and just like any startup, they had tough times getting its exact purpose figured out. After over a year of figuring, and with the newest set of knowledge acquired, SmoovePR pivoted and came forth with a new aim to re-imagine the imaging and branding for SMEs. The brand then relaunched it services across Nigeria and are steadily warming their way into the hearts of the available SMEs.


Launching SmoovePR 2.0 just before the oubreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the brand felt the need to empower others for the during and post Covid-19 era. Having dished out 2 informative webinars on relevant subjects to participants currently pegged at over 500 with certificates issued and learning materials distributed, they have officially joined the list of brands who really cares about what the pandemic is doing to the people.

Most recent of the webinars, was centred around “Aligning with the emerging Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 normal”. This was put together to speak more on the new norm of setting businesses up for success in the emerging world of online shops. For this, the brand partnered with TOA Marketing and featured its CEO, Ore Afolayan as one of the facilitators. The second facilitator, James Oyeleye, happens to be an importation coach.

Below, are some highlights/key points of the most recent webinar:

+ “You don’t just sell. You solve a problem in the market.” – James Oyeleye.

+ “To build a solid foundation for your business, you must first identify your typical customer and tailor your marketing pitch accordingly.” – James Oyeleye.

+ “This is not the era of emotionally blackmailing people to buy something from you. When you give content, value and consistency, people will buy from you.” – Ore Afolayan.

+ “Emerging COVID-19 and post COVID-19 normal is the future we have now but is your business ready for this ‘future’?” – Ore Afolayan.

+ “Small businesses and organizations are not making money during this pandemic because they are yet to readjust and adapt.” – Ore Afolayan.

Maybe just like the SmoovePR team says they are, they are truly leading ways.


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