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Easy Steps To Eradicate Stretch Marks In 7Days With Toothpaste

Home Remedial Steps On How To Clean Stretch Marks With Toothpaste Plus The Following Combinations.

Get an Onion (Red or White), Toothpaste (Any Brand), Plus Vaseline.

Grate the onion and put it in a clean bowl, then add a spoon of Vaseline and a tea spoon of toothpaste…(N.B: a tea spoon or half a spoon of toothpaste is all you need o. Because toothpaste is always harsh on the body).

Mix and apply on the stretch of stretch marks, massage for 10 minute.

Wait for 5 Minutes after massage then rinse and hydrate with cream or Vaseline itself.

NOTE: The mixture can be applied every day and can be kept for 3days in the Fridge, after three days don’t use it again you can prepare another one. In case of No Light or No Fridge, prepare it every day.


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