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Future Shakers Initiative’s Exploits And Her Anti-FGM Conference

Yet again, Future Shakers Initiative stays shaking everywhere and getting things done. Her crusade against the Female Genital Mutilation which she started in 2018 has garnered so much attention and progress. The group’s evangelists recently got invited to a meeting with the Speaker, Osun State House of Assembly, Hon. Owoeye. Top on the list of things discussed was the need to review and reenact strict Anti-FGM laws, and steps are currently underway to get this going.

Not letting the pandemic stop the crusade, FSI has come up with a virtual conference to tackle the recurrence of the FGM practices. With a line-up of over 13 local and international speakers, the global conference is set to address the theme: “FGM & COVID-19: How The New Normal Will Affect The Global Aim to End FGM by 2030”. With the world adapting to full virtuality, the conference is set to be fully hosted on Zoom, and Facebook Live between Wednesday, the 10th and Saturday, 13th of June, 2020. It will feature screening of Anti-FGM documentaries, discussions bothering around raising awareness and conversations on Female Genital Mutiliation (FGM) as a crime against the females and ways out of this. The lineup for the conference as well as their topic is as follows:


  • Katya Berger – “The need for global partnership towards ending FGM by 2030”


  • Aduke Obelawo – “The roles of communities in ending FGM in a time like this”


  • Hon. Tunde Olatunji – “Do the laws help or mar the fight against FGM?”


  • Giselle Portenier – “The role of journalism and the impact of documentaries on the fight against FGM”


  • Bukola Idowu – “Achieving the global aim of ending FGM by 2030 through strategic partnerships”


  • Joseph Adeosun – “Maximizing the pandemic to raising an army of advocates towards ending FGM by 2030”


  • Dayo Nigeria – “Youth Leadership, Community Leadership and Political Leadership: Who should lead the #endFGM fight?”


  • Laura Templeton – “FSI’s #endFGM impacts so far and the psychological consequences of FGM on girls and women”


  • Dr. Costly Aderibigbe – “Ending FGM: The Past. The Present. The Future.”


  • Deji Adefila – “The media impact so far and its role in ending FGM during COVID-19”


  • Yommy Ayilara – “The Genesis and Revelation of FGM”


  • Tosin Olarewaju – “Ending FGM amidst COVID-19: The tools and strategies”


  • Sylvia Chioma – “In-depth Research: A prologue to fighting and ending FGM by 2030”


The entire Future Shakers Initiative team is set, the speakers are set, are you set? Let’s go discuss ways to continuously protect our females from this unnecessary ill.


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