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Homemade Steps In Making Puff Puff With Semo

I’m gonna teach you how to make a delicious semo puff puff. This recipe has being tried and confirmedĀ  delicious, easy and stress free.

This might sound grossĀ  but trust me its tasty and its way faster and easier to make than the usual puff puff.











Now if you have read my previous posts you will know that I always say you should wash your hands first…now wash it.

Get a bowl and put your eggs first.

Then you pour in your semovita.

Then you add little water.

Then your pepper.

Then your salt(very little).

Then your maggi.

Then your onions.

Make sure they are mixed well,stir it well to prevent lumps and make sure all your ingredients are all in there.

Then you get a pan and scoop the batter with your spoon.

Then you pour your you can fry it the same way you fry your normal puff puff.

Make sure you marry your hot pan because they don’t take much time like puff puff on the fire.

Then you take it down.

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