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How Hard Drugs Are Damaging The Future Of Nigerian Youths

There have been several videos on the internet which have shown the dark sides of these drugs as youths who have practically lost it after taking them have been recorded on camera. Let us consider some of these potent drugs which are a major culprit in turning the psyche of some young Nigerians.

Colorado (Black Mamba)

Colorado or Black Mamba as it is popularly referred to in the streets, is a form of synthetic marijuana, which has been reported to have caused mental episodes on several occasions. The drugs are sold in small amount of up to N2,000 ranging to N10,000. The drugs seem enjoyable but the effect is so strong that victims of episodes would warn anyone who care to listen not to give it a try.


Loud is a particularly strong strain of Marijauna which is stronger than the regular marijuana that is always in circulation. Its effects become worse when it is mixed with Black Mamba to produce what is known as ‘Lamba’ in street parlance.

Memory Loss

As the name implies, this drug can give one temporary amnesia when taken. It messes thoroughly with the psyche of whoever is taking it and can result in mental episodes as have been reported in some cases.

There are a number of such drugs such as Arizona and Amnesia including pills and cough syrup that many Nigerian youths continue to take to their detriment. These trend should be stopped before things get completely out of hand.

Hard drugs are prohibited in many countries around the world today. In many cases, however, some of these drugs still find their way to the streets where they end up in the hands of gullible and and in some cases, misguided youths.

It is no different in Nigeria of today. Many youths get attracted to doing drugs for various reasons. For some, it’s as a result of what they see on TV form their favourites stars. For others, it’s due to peer pressure and other factors such as the urge to experiment and try new things at that stage. It gets really bad for some as they get hooked to these drugs and become addicts. Worse still, some lose their sanity and even lives due to strong effects of these drugs.



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