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I Will Make Sure No Life Is Lost In Oyo State – Seyi Makinde

The governor made the assurance yesterday, while on an inspection visit to the Infectious Disease Centre at Olodo, which he had promised would become operational on Monday.

He, however, sought the cooperation of people of the state, to continue supporting the government in its resolve to end the pandemic in the state.

He said ;

“I’m back to work now, some jobless people have to talk about who I should hand over to whether he should be a professor of virology. I am not a professor virology myself, but, when the expert speaks, the people in a position of leadership only need common sense.”

And once you listen to the experts they have a room in there where they cross coordinates ideas, they discuss, they challenge themselves, and then they come up with the best course of action. so it’s the same thing for us fighting this pandemic.”

“I want to use this opportunity to say thank you to the people of Oyo State for all your prayers and support. God answered your prayers on my behalf. All our aspirations for the good people of Oyo State shall be fulfilled,” he promised.

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