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Important Facts Guys Need To Know About Male Condoms

A condom is a type of contraception that can both prevent pregnancy and it also helps to prevent transmitted infections.

The male condoms are been Manufatured from a very thin latex (rubber) polyisoprene or polyurethane and they are designed to stop semen from coming into contact with sexual partner.

Here are the some facts you need to know about the male condom.

1: the male condom are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, or infection if used correctly. any mistake might happen such as incorrect use or breakage.

2: before you use always check the expiry date, before use always squeeze the tip of the condom to remove air then roll it down to the erect penis.

3: the condom works by preventing ejaculation from entering the vaginal or anus, it also prevents the penis from STIS, and it is also advisable to always use a new after sex.

4: it is made up of latex material, and some people are allergic to latex making it uncomfortable for them to use.

5: it can occasionally cause irritation of the vaginal penis, or anus it also makes it difficult keeping an erection.

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