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Ladies!!! Homemade Steps To Get in shape with flat tummy and figure 8 shape without Working Out.

Homemade and Steps on how to get natural flat tummy and figure 8 curvy shape without exercise or application of waist shapers.

Materials and steps:

1- 2 litters of water.

2- 1 large cucumber.

3- 2 lemons.

4- 1 tablespoon grounded ginger.

5- 12 mint leaves.


* Cut the lemons and cucumber into little cuts and pour inside your container of water.

* Pour your ginger inside the water.

* Wash and cut the mint leaves and add to the substance in the container, leave it over the night.

Dose : drink before anything else and ensure you finish the implantation inside the course of the day.

Step 2:

1- lemon

1- garlic

1- ginger.


Boil the lemon and add some clove of garlic to the water leave it to boil for some minute.

Then add your ginger but for better results you could grate it and add it in a powder form.


Take before going to bed and first thing before breakfast.

The ginger: helps burn fats that are not necessary like in the waist.

The garlic and lemon plays the part of filling every necessary edges or curves.


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