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Lady Vows To Kill Herself If She Doesn’t Meet Wizkid Before The End Of This Month (Photos)

We all love celebrities. In fact, many of us have resulted to having celebrity crush, to the extent that some express their undying love.

A social media user, identified as “Peace Fiona Diamond,” on Facebook to profess her love for wizkid, to the extent that she threatened to kill herself if she doesn’t meet the celebrity star.

In her own unique words, she said;

I’m going to end my life if I don’t meet Wizkid before the end of this month.

I’m not joking, as this is not a mere issue.

I’m going crazy, I see you in my dream always. You keep on telling me, we’ll surely meet one day.

I’m tired of this one day. I can’t wait again, cause the dream plays on my head everytime, and I lose my concentration, cause I always think about that dream.

I want nothing, all I want is just to meet you, cause that’s the promise u made, but I can’t wait again, cause I’m losing it.

Please let me just see you and I will calm down.

I wish I was a power ranger, I would have come to meet you wherever you are

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