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LOL!!! Check Out Conversation Between A Guy And Airtel customer Care (Lady)

As the morning going by, the conversation between a guy and the Airtel customer care took place.

He called Airtel customer care number,a lady picked it, and they had this conversation.


Lady: hello good evening, thanks for calling Airtel customer care service, my name is Rachel, what’s your name and where are you calling from?

Guy: my name is Benard, and I’m calling from Makurdi

Lady: how may I help you, Mr Benard?

Guy: I’m looking for a wife to marry

Lady: is that why you called this customer care service?

Guy: yes and I think I’m already in love with you… You know you have a nice voice….

Lady: hello please, we only attend to issue about your Airtel line, okay

Guy: yes ooo… This is an issue about my Airtel line too… Because I just use it to call you bringing up the issue of marriage.

Lady: please, I would have to put an end to this call…

Guy: Baby don’t talk like that now… I promise to make you happy… You would be happy with me…. Can I have your number?

Lady: (raise her voice) come, Mr man, I think something is wrong with you….

Guy: (cutting in) Hey hold it there…

I hope you can now feel how frustrating it is to receive a call and hear rubbish? From today, warn yourself and every other staff there… Let nobody call me with a funny number only for it to be an advert or send me those nonsense messages, you guys disturb my phone daily as if am dating Airtel.


Have a wonderful day Acer’s.

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