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Lyrics: Young M.A – Savage Mode





I didn’t get no sleep, let’s get it

Double cup, I’m sippin up

Middle finger up cause I don’t give a fuck

I don’t trust these niggas, keep a glizzy tucked

C cup on my bitch, she like her titties sucked

I pull up when that block call

Catch a opp snoozin, turn his clock off

When I fuck a thot I keep my socks on

Fuck her with my watch on, that’s when I got time for her

She said I smell good, oh that’s Tom Ford

Never trust trust a thot, I keep my eye on her

Make her turn her phone off

Hey bitch, no text, no calls

Cause that same bitch’ll be quick to put a drop on ya

You could never ever catch me slippin

I get paid & pay attention

Cause these hoes they be wicked, and these bros they be switchin man

They be switchin sides

I’m from where commitment is commitin crimes

I’m from where the love is just a livin lie

She a ten yeah, but I just want the head like I just flipped a dime

I’m going in savage mode

I don’t trust a soul so when I die I keep my casket closed

I’m going in savage mode

Treat the beef just like a stripper bitch, I’m quick to grab the pole

I’m going in savage mode

Broke up with that bitch and then I went and got a badder hoe

And I still don’t give a fuck, I never did

All my haters want me dead, that’s why I live it up

Put a price right on his head don’t start no shit with us

It’s a table full of bread, no you can’t sit with us

Cause you ain’t been with us, you ain’t no day one

I’m with them Cs, I’m with them Bs, my niggas A-1

A lot of niggas changed up but I’m still the same one

I went and got my change up cause I’m a made one

And I’m rich now, money legit now

I hold my niggas up, I hold my bitch down

I bust my wrist down, credit is fixed now

Money we flip now, and I stayed ten down

And bitch I’m still down, cause bitch I’ve been down

Fuck what they felt then, fuck what they feel now

I’m going in savage mode

I don’t trust a soul so when I die I keep my casket closed

I’m goin savage mode

I just went and did it, I never even had a goal

I’m going in savage mode

Cook before I eat, I want the pot, man, you can have the bowl

Cause I’d rather starve then be fed by a nigga

Man, that’s when you let em have control

Cause I’m a go hard anyway or any day

Man I’m trapper, I’m in trappin mode

Now I got millions in the bank now, I’m straight

I ain’t never goin back to broke

And I got them shooters with me with a movie clipY

ou can say that we in active mode


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