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MALIANS!!! Muslim Woman On Hijab Was Caught Smoking Weed Nonstop (Photos)

Isn’t that a sacrilege? An threat to Islam and to Muhammed’s adherents (SAW). What do we name this? There are so many issues going on that warrant thought from everyone. If we continue in sin grace can abound. Was that not intentional moral contempt?

I was completely shocked today when I saw a lovely Muslim woman smoking on hijab. She was absolutely not hiding it. I don’t think for the fact she’s smoking. But whilst putting on hijab, smoking caught my attention.

What do we name this? Whether we continue to do so until the poor behavior is carried over to the next generation, then by doing so we will be disciplined. Your opinion is very much needed here. The pictures below show her in the act

What is expected of her as a Muslim woman is to keep herself holy for her husband but the reverse is the case. Anything would we do for her to tarnish her Islamic image?

Below are some photos of her indulging in such acts:


Why would an Ahlaja Smoke it just not right and also a sin to islam.

Parents please advice your children well this days cause this world is turning into another thing entirely.

Drop your thoughts on this matter below Let’s Interact.


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