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Man Enters Trouble After Dressing Like A Woman To Help His Girlfriend Write Exam

Some times there are things we do for the sake of us loving our partners, but which might put us also at risk, as dangers might lie in the thing we want to do for them.

For the sake of love, a Zimbabwean man has put himself into trouble, as he planned of helping his girlfriend sit for her exams in the exam, but he eventually got caught along the process.

In order to look like a woman or a lady, he painted his lips red, used attachments on his hair, he also used glasses, but at the end of the make up, he was still eventually caught in the process.

The man who is also a student of the school might be rusticated away from the school as he got himself involved in examination malpractice, and also, he impersonated a woman.

A man commenting on the act the male student did said he knows of a similar case while he was in the University, a man sat in the exam hall for his girlfriend, he was caught and rusticated away from the school. The lady he did the exam for later married another man while the man is still wandering around in Lagos.



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