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OMG!! A Pet Python Almost Killed A White Lady Who Called It ‘Baby Girl’ (Video)

Here is a terrifying moment, a caged large python almost killed a white lady who called it ‘baby girl’

In the video, the huge snake was let out by a white snake lover who felt she could handle it without making it unleash its wildness.

She opened the cage which housed the pet and the snake brought out his head aiming directly at the woman who stretched fought her hands towards the animal and said;

“Hey baby girl”

And within seconds, the snake began to quickly wrap its huge body around the woman’s arm, and no amount of resistance could stop the snake.

The terrified lady did not expect such a reaction from the pet as she began to panic but it seems the more she panicked the more the snake wrapped itself around her arm, going up to her shoulder.

With one arm, it was cutting off circulation, she was about to pass out and that was when she realized it was ‘game over’

“I need u to unwrap it from my shoulder, please” She could be heard saying.

Luckily for her a man who was with her tried all he could until he used a sharp object to stab the snake which was what finally saved the woman from death…

Watch Video Below


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