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See Why You Should Stop Cooking Moi-Moi With Nylon (Read)

Cancer has become prevalent on this part of the world, all thanks to the things we consume. It was not so before because people in time past were eating healthy foods using natural things around them.

Can we now say that the modern things that was produced to help us ease stress is now killing us. You already know the answer.

In the olden days, beans pudding known as moi moi is prepared in leaves. Leaves are organic, natural and harmless. They even give a nice flavour to the beans pudding when cooked.

But today in most places, they are prepared in plastic containers and people still go ahead to eat it up without checking the inherent dangers of this modern practice.

Plastics are hydrocarbon. And can cause cancer when consumed.

To explain what this means to the lay man, plastics are gotten from crude-oil; just like your petrol, diesel and engine oil.

When plastics are heated, they release chemicals and these chemicals get into the food that the plastics are used to cook like the beans pudding, moi moi for example. Most of these plastics contain a chemical known as Bisphenol A also known as BPA. When you heat the plastics- as with any stable chemical composition, it becomes unstable and releases these chemicals.

So please, DO NOT heat any plastic container with food in it or cause it to become hot e.g by leaving it in the sun.

Nylons(as we call them ) and plastics are very dangerous when heated, leaves are the best, and even the leaves have their own added advantage to the moi moi nutritionally.

Yes, tin can be used if it is made specially for that purpose like the tins made to make cakes etc. But if it is a disused tin like the one you removed sardines from etc, those actually have the walls coated with BPA or Epoxy resin which is what you are trying to avoid in the first place.

Most of the thing we are discarding now , are the healthy options but are not as easy as the modern methods. If you can’t use the leaves, use a pan.

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