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SHOCKING!!! Mother Strangles 11-year-old Son To Death Because Of This

An 11-year-old son has been strangled to death by the mother, Alexandra Dougokenski because she was fed up with him playing on his cell phone late into the night.

According to Dailymail, Police in Brazil said they charged Alexandra Dougokenski with Rafael’s murder on Thursday, July 2 after she confessed to the shocking crime.

It comes just weeks after Rafael recorded a poem in which he expressed how much he loved his mother.

In the poem, Rafael thanked his mother for looking after him and his brother and said that her smile meant ‘everything’ to him.

The 33-year-old divorced mum of two initially tried to divert attention away from herself by claiming the child had run away from home following an argument over his behaviour.

Investigators launched an extensive search, with the help of sniffer dogs and anxious family and friends, in the forest close to the family’s house in Planato, Rio Grande do Sul state.

When the search failed to find the boy, she broke down and confessed that she had strangled him with a clothes line in a rage.

The suspect claimed she ‘couldn’t live with the lie anymore’ and needed to offload the ‘burden’ on her conscience.

Ten days after he disappeared, she revealed where the schoolboy’s remains had been hidden.

The body was found on May 25 in a large cardboard box in the garage of a neighbour’s house just six yards from the family’s property.

The badly decomposing corpse was wrapped in a sheet with a plastic bag placed over the head.




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