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SHOCKING!!! My Parents Beats Me, Naked Me In Public When Ever They See Me Talking With Boy – 25-Year-Old Lady Cries Out (Photos)

A 25-Year-Old lady sadly took the courage to pour out her mind on the things she’s been going through in her life and with her parents.

It’s so sad and touching for a 25-Year-Old lady to be so depressed and pathetic about her life which could possibly leads her becoming desperate in taking her life because of the hell she’s going through.

The conversation between her and the Facebook influencer known as Adebrown Iree o clearly shows that she’s so depressed and needed help and in other for the depression to leads to her doing something drastic, she giving the courage to spit all her mind out and feels good atleast.

So touching and sick for a lady of that age to be going through that traumatic moments with her parents, though some think there could be more to that probably they are not her biological parents however, it shouldn’t be that bad.

According to her, she said she has an elder sister a year and few months older but they are not as strict as they were to her infact they made her do anything every thing she pleases but when it comes to her it’s all wrong and pain.

The most touching part is they make life hard to the extent that they she had no single freedom, and they wouldn’t give her money to take care of her womanly needs especially the difficulty she goes through during her Menstrual periods.

According to the conversation sge said when ever they see her with a boy or talking with with anyone they do beat hell out of her, leave her naked in public and make her miserable. That’s so crazy!!

See her conversation with the influencer ;

I’m sure you’re also touched right now after reading all this from a 25-Year-Old grown up lady.

The parents would have their reasons for been super strict and over protective to the lady however, the shit is pretty too much to the extent that she had to give her body to a guy secretly because of 3k it so pathetic.

So guys what do you think about the lady situation?? any piece of advice is allowed and could be very helpful. Thanks


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