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SO SAD!!! SARS Officers Shot A Little Girl Dead While Chasing Yahoo Boys In Warri (Watch)

Sars officers Allegedly S h o o t a child d e a d in Delta State while chasing a yahoo boy!!!

According to report, it happens so fast that no one had the idea of what transpired to the chasing of the vehicle.

But because in recent times it has become normal ways and routine for sars officers chasing young boys tagging them as yahoo boys has become rampant as Nigeria is concern.

Stopping cars on the road, checking phones to see if any fraudulent apps whatever is in all to use as tips to extort money from those found wanting.

But in this case God was not on their side, report says while the sars  officers were chasing the yahoo boys they shot a little girl dead on the spot which make them landed in trouble and as seen in the scene of the accident the residents in the area wont take the matter lightly.

So sad only God knows the condition the parents of the child will be.

Watch the video to see the reaction of the sars man that shot the girl, obviously regretting his impulse.

I’m sure they would be like chaii if we had known we should have let those guys go 🤦‍♂️

Watch Video Below


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