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SO UNFAIR!!! Lady Sexually Harassed An Old Man In Public See People’s Reactions (Video And Pics)

Sexual harassment and rape cases should be treated equally, we shouldn’t favor a gender over another. Men do experience sexual assault and rape, but sometimes the seriousness of this crime is diminished, especially when the perpetrator is a woman

The public can easily dimiss the case of a man sexually harassed by a lady, but will call for the arrest of a male figure who is harassing a lady

This video below is an example of a case scenario in which passengers overlook a lady while sexually harassing an elderly man who wanted to buy some fruits

The video shows an old man in front of a fruit vendor ‘s shop attempting to buy some food, and then this curvy looking lady dressed indecently visited the same food seller, saying she wanted to buy some fruit as well

She deliberately rubbed her bust over the man’s back in a harassing way, which made the man uncomfortable, so he forced his way out into an open space to give the lady’s room to think she really wanted to buy some fruits.

But as soon as she remembered this, she purposefully let down a fruit and tried to pick it up, so she was wiggling her ass in that position making direct contact with the guy who was now running back in surprise

People walked by all the time and nobody warned the lady but they even smiled as if her provocative act was a good thing

If the reverse were the case, I’m sure the old lad would have been attacked and arresting, imagine if his See family is such a video of their father, or if the husband is being harassed like this, how will they feel?

So has the internet is as we know it this video found it way to twiiter and picked up some mixed reaction.

Watch Video Below 

Here are some of the reactions of people on the video


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