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Sport: Conte to stay coach at Inter Milan – “Constructive meeting” leads to solution

“Now we have a break and then we will see whether we can continue with or without me,

” Antonio Conte said after Inter Milan’s Europa League defeat to Sevilla on Friday.

A few days later and after a constructive meeting between the bosses and Conte one thing is for certain, the 51-year-old will also be the head coach in the upcoming 2020/21 season. His contract would have run until 2022 either way.

Conte himself fired up speculations about his possible departure from the Serie A runner-ups.

In a press conference, Conte complaint about the lack of confidence in him and the team from the Inter bosses during critical times.

“Eighty-two points are a lot,” Conte said at the time. “It shows how well we have worked.

I couldn’t stand how Inter were criticized in the worst way possible—it was a needless attack on me and the players.I didn’t like it, also because the club didn’t protect us.”

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