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Steps To Take If You Start Feeling Symptoms Of Coronavirus

The pandemic called coronavirus is spreading like wildfire.

We need to keep tabs on the latest information about it.If you have noticed the following symptoms: cough, fever or respiratory difficulty or any weakness, kindly follow these precautionary steps:-

(1) Firstly, isolate yourself from others

(2)Be careful to inform trusted friends and family that won’t make you panic

(3) If symptoms persist after isolation call the Lagos state ministry of health (LSMOH) – 08000corona, 09023169485, 08033565529, 08052817243, 08028971864, 08059758886, 080353876534) OR call the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) toll-free line: 080097000010 SMS: 08099555577/ WhatsApp 07087110839/ Mobile: 070367089705)Follow the directives of the ministry of health.

P.S be careful coronavirus is real o prevention is better than cure when precautions fail let’s hold on to the cure our only hope.Always practice good hygiene.


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