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Stop Calling Me Kuli Kuli, Check Out My Real Name

Kuli Kuli as this snack is popularly called is one of the most consumed snacks by a lot of people in Nigeria today. Most people compare the Kuli Kuli, and Groundnut together because the Kuli Kuli is being made from groundnut.

Kuli Kuli is sometimes preferred more by people because it contains less oil. It has also been discovered that the Kuli Kuli is a very good anti-oxidant, and it is also very good for the human heart. It can be made by roasting peanuts, grinding it then mixing it with some spices, salt, and pepper. There are some people that add sugar to the mixture.

However, there is something about the Kuli Kuli that a lot of people are oblivious about, it’s real name. People popularly call it Kuli Kuli but they do not know that it has an English name which is ‘PEANUT BARS’. This is the English name for the snack.

However, you might actually find it hard placing your order when speaking to the seller of this snack. Imagine telling a Kuli Kuli seller that you want to buy some ‘Peanut Bars’, he might tell you he doesn’t sell such. It is best to communicate your wants with the seller in a way that he would understand, and probably let him know that they can also be Called Peanut Bars.

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