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Story Of Ààfin Ìlù – What December 13th Means To Laoye Dynasty of Ede Land

Every 13th of December is an important day to the Laoye family in Ede. Oba John Adetoyese Laoye, a former Timi of Ede and who is popularly known as The Drummer King makes historical moments with December 13th ,” said Prince Adewale Laoye (Drummer of Peace).
On the 13th of December, 1946, Oba Laoye was crowned king in the ancient town of Ede and his emergence came with a lot of ups and downs. Riding on people’s goodwill, he triumphed. Ascending the throne of his forefathers came with a lot struggles, and he faced a serious opposition in the early days of his reign. This moment was really a trying time for him, his families and allies. According to history, he almost gave up to return to his career but his supporters prevailed on him.
Surprisingly, in April 1948, the court of law gave an order for him to vacate the throne and stay 200 miles away from the town.
However and coincidentally, on the 13th of December, 1948, he regains his throne via a court judgment.
In a statement released by Tobi Olanipekun, the Executive Assistant/Media Manager to Prince Adewale Laoye, he said: These two (2) major events in the life of late Oba Laoye coincides with the date, December 13th and it is worth celebrating every year. And it is in this light that Prince Adewale Laoye will be hosting drummers and chanters to drum and sing at Aafin Ilu (Palace of Drum) tomorrow in remembrance of this significant day. Plans are already underway to celebrate in grand style December 13th in 2021.”
“There is definitely a lot for everyone to learn regarding this important day because it is an integral part of the late king’s legacy and as always, Prince Adewale will promote and live Oba Laoye’s legacy.”, he added.

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