DANGEROUS LOVE       I’ve been in my room, but I know outside there’s sunshine oo Oh baby, you’re my sunshine oo So why I still dey catch cold oo ? E do me like I never fall in love Make me feel like the first time, yeah A dangerous love affair I’m gambling on my heart […] WOMAN       Brussbrain Ozedikus Nwanne Another banger! I’m in love with plenty women I no mind marry all of them E no matter the shape or colour I go make sure say I must collect I get one wey be my sponsor I get one wey dey call me honey One […] *ALIEN*       Man, I’m drowsy, man This shit got me drowsy as fuck Man, what the fuck is happening round here, man (Let’s do this shit) (What) I’m in love with my bestie I’m in love with a Thottie Baby, can I stay? She say, “Yes please,” […] *ADA*       Ada ada adama Ada adama ye Make I no go far Make you no go far Oh bae oh bae oh baby Oh bae oh baby ye I want to know your mama I love you my sweetheart If you see Ada Tell am say […] *WONDERFUL*       Anywhere I go mo n’ lati pada si ile mi (cuz mama mi won wa ni ile mi) I no want make person tell me say I too lazy (Oluwaburna of la la ni) As I dey hustle like Adebayo Ogunlesi (No go talk say me I too lazy) Anywhere I go mo n’ […] NEW YORK CITY GIRL       Fine girl from New York City I don’t mind if you give me chance Can I have just one more dance Before you leave for the summer time Runaway with me I don’t care if you got a man Can I have just one more dance […] BLACK PARADE     Ah I’m goin’ back to the South I’m goin’ back, back, back, back Where my roots ain’t watered down Growin’, growin’ like a Baobab tree Of life on fertile ground, ancestors put me on game Ankh charm on gold chains, with my Oshun energy, oh Drip all on me, woo, Ankh or the Dashiki print […] A PERFECT WAY TO DIE       Simple walk to the corner store Mama never thought she would be gettin’ a call from the coroner Said her son’s been gunned down, been gunned down “Can you come now?” Tears in her eyes, “Can you calm down? Please, ma’am, can you calm down?” […] JERUSALEMA (REMIX)         Jerusalema, ikhaya lami Ngilondoloze, uhambe nami Zungangishiyi lana Jerusalema, ikhaya lami Ngilondoloze, uhambe nami Zungangishiyi lana [?] I’m not perfect [?] Ngilondoloze, zungangishiyi lana Look into my eyes [?] sacrifice [?] on my mind Struggling to survive Ngilondoloze, zungangishiyi lana [?] Ngilondoloze, ngilondoloze Ngilondoloze, zungangishiyi lana Ndawo […] CALIFORNIA     Yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy They done opened Atlanta I ain’t goin’ out, though (Yeah) Usher, Usher, UsherIt’s been a while now, hope you don’t hate me Ain’t been on beast mode, I been in the house down south goin’ crazy Ain’t been droppin’ pins like I used to Ain’t been […] UNFAITHFUL       I’m running outta space in my heart (Ah) They just wanna break me apart (Ah) I won’t let them break me apart Girl, your ass shape like a heart (Oh) I’m running outta space in my heart They just wanna break me apart (Oh) I won’t let them break […] EAZY         I see you change the way you feel about me when the lights hit my jewelry It’s a lot of bad things here, I’m right where I should be Every blessing that I prayed for fell right down onto me Stress-free, I’m moving Stress […] OTHER SIDE OF AMERICA     What do you have to lose? You’re living in poverty Your schools are no good You have no jobs 58% of your youth is unemployed What the hell do you have to lose? Reportin’ live from the other side of America Mama let […]

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