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Technological Tips: Easy Steps And How To Download A Video From YouTube To Your File Manager.

YouTube is one of the world’s biggest and largest video archives and there’s virtually no video, movie, song video, comedy video etc that can’t be found on YouTube. But it’s very disheartening that this videos we can’t have them on our device or share them with our friends without using our data. We will always have to use our mobile data whenever we want to view this videos.

But Did you know, that we can download a video from YouTube and view it on our gallery or video player?

Did you know, that there are some applications we can use to this effect?

Did you also know that we can directly download videos on YouTube web just by doing some manipulations?

Let’s get exposed to some of this little tricks. The Ways to download video from YouTube includes

1. Using Save from Net:

a. Search for the video you want to download and click on it

b. On the search bar, click the link of the video and add “ss” to the link before the YouTube like in the example

c. You’ll be redirected to the save from net page and you’ll see the link to download the video

d. Select the download format and you’re good to go.

2. Using YouTube downloaded or YouTube Go application.

a. Simply go to the playstore search for the application and Install it

b. Open the app, Search for the video you want to download

c. click on it and choose your download format. Voila!

Your video will be downloaded to your device

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