The Most Effective Method To Make The Right Contacts In The Music Industry.

You realize that creation the correct music industry associations is a key factor in building up a fruitful music profession.

The issue is, the vast majority truly don’t know ‘who’ the most important music industry contacts are, the place to discover them, how to really change a ‘first contact’ into a significant relationship, what it truly intends to have the ‘right associations’, and so forth and so forth.

In the event that I gave you my total rundown of music industry associations (key individuals I have set up significant associations with), do you figure it would assist you with building up a fruitful music profession? … NO! Why? Since an insignificant ‘contact’ is good for nothing. Contacts need to wind up significant associations. Important associations are created by building great connections… More on this later…

Be that as it may, regardless of whether you have great associations with the opportune individuals, this won’t help you until and except if you deal with having the correct things set up which empowers your contacts to feel sure enough to work with you. You can see increasingly about this particular subject in a free video on the best way to turn into an expert performer.

Things being what they are, who are the individuals you ought to contact? … And when you break through to somebody, what do you say to him/her? How might you make these notable individuals focus on you on the off chance that you don’t yet have a ‘name’ in the music business?

Let’s explore the first question, “Who are the people you should be contacting?” To answer this, you need to ask a series of other questions such as:

  • Who are some music industry people who have great influence and power?
  • Who are the music industry people who have the greatest number of key relationships with other music industry professionals and companies?
  • Among the most important music industry people, who are the easiest to locate in your local area?
  • Who are the most accessible music industry people?
  • Who are the music industry people who you can help to solve THEIR problems and/or help them to reach their goals?

Is there a single “type” of music industry person or (company) who fits ALL the above criteria? The answer is ‘Yes’. And if you do not have music industry connections, this ‘type of contact’ may be your best place to begin… So, who is this type of person or company? Record company executives? A&R people? Producers? Publishers? Managers? Entertainment Lawyers? Famous bands? No. The answer is “Concert Promoters”.

Serious concert promoters have massive power and influence in the music industry. They are the real entrepreneurs of the music business. They deal with thousands of very important music industry people every year, such as well known bands, record labels, artist management, tour managers, entertainment lawyers, production companies, merchandising departments, the venues, booking agents, radio stations, the press, etc., etc.

If you live near an urban area, you won’t have any trouble finding promoters who live and work locally (use Google). Unlike most other important music industry contacts, promoters are generally accessible and will be willing to talk to anyone who has ‘something real’ to offer them. That’s where you come in.

Generally speaking, concert promoters take on more risk than any other person or entity in the entire music industry. All promoters lose large sums of money every year, because some concerts lose money. The successful promoters make (and keep) more money than they lose throughout the year.

What every promoter wants is a bigger and stronger team of people to help ensure that the concerts/tours they promote make more money! Obviously, it’s expensive to employ a large team of experienced people. However, you can join their team, at least on a part-time basis, if you are willing to volunteer, intern, or earn a small salary. You may not yet know anything about promoting tours, but some promotion companies would be eager to train you if it isn’t expensive for them to do so.

Think about it from their perspective: If you were a big time promoter taking on huge risks, wouldn’t you want another person to work for you, for free or for a very low salary? Of course the answer is ‘yes’, even if that person could only work part-time.

Many musicians who want a music career are told to do an internship for a record label. The conventional wisdom is that when you do this, you will learn a lot about the music business. The reality is, most of these interns never get into a position where they can truly learn much at all as an intern.

However working for a promoter, your ability to learn how the industry really works (at least on the touring and promotional side) goes way up! In addition, the number of contacts you can make are 200 times more than what you would likely make working at a record label. And compared to record labels, there is a lot less competition, currently anyway, for internships or jobs with a promoter.

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