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Top 7 Strategic Vocal Methods To Make Your Voice Rule the World

Top 7 Strategic Vocal Methods To Make Your Voice Rule the World

As one of the top big-name vocal mentors on the planet, I’ve seen everything. From stars to shake legends and Grammy victors to a huge number of rising independents, one thing is valid:

You don’t just have the best voice on the planet, however you must have a decent one. Furthermore, one that won’t quit on you when it makes a difference.

1. Breathe Into Your Ribs (Not Just Your Abdomen) 

Your abdomen is a starting point but it’s not even half of the battle. If you want to sing, you’ve got to breathe into your ribs and back. 360 degrees around your empire waist (just under your breasts) needs to expand outwards. That’s the ONLY way the diaphragm will drop and pull air into the deeper recesses of your lungs. Get your diaphragm working for you instead of against you. Go high notes!

2. Open Your Throat

One of the best vocal tricks, lay your fingers across the top of your throat. Open your jaw. Did you feel your throat move down? Hopefully. Now, keeping your fingers at the top of your throat and pinch your cheeks between your teeth hard. Do it again. Did your throat move further down. It should have. That stretch is really good for opening your throat. Do it daily. Practice some of your vocal exercises with a pinch to improve laryngeal depth. It is one of the ways to open your throat before and during singing.

3. Drop Your Jaw

Drop your jaw down when singing vowels. This brings more sound and volume to your voice. It’s magic.

4. Think Down for High Notes

Think of your voice like an elevator. As it rises a heavy chain pulls it down (that’s your high notes). As it lowers, the chain lifts. Think of your voice like a pulley. Reach down for high notes, lifts for low notes. You’ll notice really good singers don’t lift their chins for high notes. Works like a charm.

5. Tongue Down

Singing with a high tongue causes all kinds of problems. I’m talking about the back of your tongue. A high tongue is the number one reason for nasality, problems with transitions through the “break”, and a tight tense voice. Open your mouth, take a gentle yawn and see if you can drop the back of your tongue at the beginning of the yawn. Sometimes you have to practice it for a bit before it lowers (you can’t force it).

Think about dropping your tongue before you sing and during singing to help you control your voice. Helpful suggestions to drop the tongue are: imagine you have a sock in the back of your mouth, imagine you are swallowing vitamins or drinking a glass of water…. down baby down!

6. Chest Up

Dropping the chest as you sing is the number one cause of a lack of breath control and vocal strain. You only end up singing from your throat and losing your breath too early when your chest drops. Notice if you drop your chest near the end of the phrase and practice keeping it up all the way through the phrase (until you train it usually does). The goal is to keep a lifted chest and relaxed shoulders and neck as you sing. Watch that breath control improve almost instantaneously!

7. Quit Singing With So Many H’s

Extraordinary voices limit their h’s or dispose of them by and large. You-hoo-hoo versus You-oo-oo. Clue: H’s are generally included when you are singing a few notes on one vowel. It’s a little change that an untrained voice makes as it changes pitch. Such a large number of h’s sound novice and uneven. Cutoff your h’s and sound smoother in a flash!

I trust these vocal stunts enables your voice to control your reality, any place you are.



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