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Wow! Drake Breaks Record for Most Billboard Hot 100 Entries Ever

Drake has now have the most entries ever than any artist on the Billboard 100 charts. He has a total of 208.

This week, his guest appearance on Lil Yachty’s “Oprah’s Bank Account” with DaBaby, debuted at No. 89 earning him his 208th entry.

Aubrey made his first appearance on the Billboard 100 charts on March 23, 2009 with his break-out hit, “Best I Ever Had”.

Since then, the Toronto artist has spent a record of 431 consecutive weeks through Aug. 19, 2017. Six of his 208 Hot 100 entries have hit No. 1. Back in 2014, the 6 God broke the record for most No. 1’s in the Rap/Hip Hop category.

Following the The Boy’s 208 Billboard 100 entries are the Glee cast with 207.

Trailing far behind are Lil Wayne (168), Elvis Presley (109), Nicki Minaj (108), Kanye West (107), and JAY-Z (100). Drink up!



208, Drake

207, Glee Cast 168, Lil Wayne 109, Elvis Presley 108, Nicki Minaj 107, Kanye West 100, Jay-Z 99, Chris Brown 97, Taylor Swift 93, Future 91, James Brown 88, Eminem 80, Justin Bieber 75, Ray Charles 73, Aretha Franklin 71, The Beatles


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