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WTF!!! 22-Year-Old Lady Made Love To Her Boyfriend After She Served Him Rat Poison As Food

Angeline Seanego (22) apparently served his boyfriend with his favourite dish which is porridge and turkey-but the food was poisoned with rat poison.

Angeline and Dennis Kyazze, went to bed and had a make-up love session, but at about 1am the poison began functioning. Dennis lost his life in bed.

Daily Sun has been made aware by one of Angeline’s friends that this is the second time she tried to take Dennis’ life with rat poison.

The first time Dennis ddint have an appetite to eat the poisoned food.

Angeline made an appearance in court four days before she killed him for striking him with a steel rod behind his head that left him with three stitches.

Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed that she appeared in court for assault on 15 June.

“She was released on warning and given a date for the next appearance,” said Masondo.

The friend said the couple had an on-and-off relationship that started more than two years ago, but she was abusive.

“It wasn’t the first time she beat him up,” said the Mamelodi woman.

“But he loved her and would always take her back. This time he opened a case and got a protection order. But he allowed her back into the flat.”

The friend said Angeline was dubious as to what to do with the body.

“Angeline told me the story because she was scared and didn’t know what to do with the body,” said the Mamelodi woman.

“She woke up in the morning, cleaned his vomit, and washed the blankets.”

Angeline apparently told her that she went to his shop in Marabastad and operated his business thinking as to what was she gonna do with the body.

Angeline’s mother said she was flabbergasted whe was notified that her daughter was the perpetrator in a murder case.

“I felt bad. I didn’t know him, but I felt sorry that he was dead,” she said.

“I don’t know what happened. Only the two of them know.”

She ddint know Angeline that well because she was raised by her grandmother before she was a year old

“I never stayed with her. She visited me from time to time,” she said.

Angeline will appear in the Pretoria Magistrates Court today for a formal bail application.

According to Wandi$, when his girlfriend cooked him his most favourite dish Dennis thought that she is trying to apologize considering the fact that four days ago she hit and injured him with a steel rod so most probably he thought the dish was a peace offering only to find out that it was deadly and laced with poison.

And when she made love to him as a man he was obviously happy that his woman was satisfying him in a way that he wants to be satisfied in, only to find out that it was the last love session he was getting from her.

Angeline’s friend the one that exposed her ddint like what Angeline was doing to the man that is why she decided to come out of the blue and let the news sources know exactly how Angeline’s relationship was with the deceased.

Angeline tried multiple times to kill Dennis but he kept on being lucky. It means it is what she had always intended to do to him and most abusive women behave in a manner like this. It means that she was obsessed with him and ddint want anyone else to have him but her.

The deceased seem like he was a sweet guy because not even once have I heard that he retaliated when Angeline would be abusive towards him. Such men like him a very scarce and it is such a sad reality that he was killed for being truly inlove with no one else but Angeline.

People who are not experienced in being killers always panic when they have killed someone and sometimes that panic is what gets them arrested take Angeline for instance she disclosed to her friend that she has killed her boyfriend. And that friend is the one right now that has let us know how exactly did Angeline treat the deceased when he was alive and kicking.

As a mother I could imagine how her mother was when she was notified that her daughter is a killer, I think it really hit her so hard and considering the fact that Angeline was raised by her grandmother, the mother is obviously gonna blame herself for not being involved in her child’s life to groom her to be the best female version of herself.


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